Welcome to Lemcon Philippines, your trusted partner in site clean-up services for telecommunications companies. We specialize in removing unused equipment and materials from sites, ensuring a clutter-free and safe environment. Our comprehensive services cover the removal of old transmission equipment, antennas, cables, and conduits, leaving your site clean and ready for future use.

Lemcon recycles or disposes in accordance with Philippine Regulations.

  • Panel Antennas
  • Microwave Dishes
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Conduits, Cable Ladders, Pipes
  • Generators
  • Rectifiers
  • Cables and Batteries


In addition to equipment removal, we offer specialized services to remove equipment that is no longer required in the infrastructure. Our skilled professionals ensure that the power-down process is executed seamlessly, avoiding any disruption to the existing elements and network outages. We are renowned for our meticulous management of network element removal and associated cabling works, always maintaining the highest standards of regrooming.

With over 20 years of experience serving the Philippines, Lemcon has established a reputation for competence and excellence. We have worked in all provinces, providing quality services that have left our customers satisfied. Our team of over 300 highly trained professionals enables us to operate at scale, handling projects of various sizes with ease and efficiency.

With over 20 years of experience serving the Philippines, Lemcon has established a reputation for competence and excellence. We have worked in all provinces, providing quality services that have left our customers satisfied. Our team of over 300 highly trained professionals enables us to operate at scale, handling projects of various sizes with ease and efficiency.

National Site Services


Lemcon is the telecom inventory management service provider with 50,000+ sqm warehouse space for telecom inventory and recovered equipment.


With teams operating all over the Philippines, Lemcon is a leader in site services and technical installations. Technical backup is available from the Support Center with 24/7 services.


Lemcon carefully segregates recovered materials to comply with good recycling practice. Special care is taken with recycling hazardous materials.


Staging locations are provided nationwide where recovered materials are segregated and shipped as required for recycling, refurbishment or disposal.


The Lemcon Support Center operates 24/7 supporting teams in teh field and providing up-to-date reports to customers. Inventory movement is tracked and reported.


Lemcon has the testbed expertise to refurbish equipment for reuse. Recovering equipment for deployment offers opportunities for cost savings.


Uisng a combination of its own vehicles and local partnerships Lemcon have been moving telecom equipment for more than 10 years.


Lemcon’s extensive training of its staff on safety in the workplace and in the removal of site equipment is reflected its strong safety at work record.


Lemcon recovers parts from sites that are reserved as spares for maintenance programs. The parts recovered are tested and warranty can be attached as needed.

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Competence and Experience

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Indoor Sites

Network Elements

Lemcon Philippines

Lemcon supports sites all over the Philippines, in rural and urban areas. With a national network unmatched by any other company in the Philippines, Lemcon provides a prompt service and can manage many sites simultaneously.


Lemcon offers service to remove telecommunications equipment from the tower, using competent riggers certified to work at height. This equipment is recovered to Lemcon facilities where Lemcon can test the equipment, verify that the equipment is functional and either put the equipment in storage, recycle or redeploy.


Competence and Experience give Lemcon the edge on competitors. For over 20 years, Lemcon has served the Philippines. Lemcon works in all provinces, delivering quality services to satisfied customers.
Staff of over 300 people means that Lemcon can operate at scale, working on large and small projects alike. Working towards a greener Philippines, with a commitment to recycling and refurbishment, Lemcon is the responsible partner for disposal.

Recover Assets

Lemcon offers removal services for equipment that is in the equipment infrastructure but no longer required. This equipment must be powered down without interfering with the existing elements and outages on the network must be avoided. Lemcon is noted for its careful management of network element removal and the associated cabling works; always regroomed to the highest standards.

Contamination Recovery

Lemcon takes pride in our unique site clean-up service for contamination resulting from diesel spillage. We understand that such damage poses significant environmental and safety concerns. Through our site-by-site approach, we ensure that contaminated sites are restored to safe service, adhering to the highest standards. Our experienced team is equipped with the necessary expertise and equipment to effectively clean and mitigate the effects of diesel spillage.

Network Warehouse – operating for 10 years and managing issuances and receiving without error.


Competence and Experience

Site Restoration

Lemcon specializes in the efficient and professional return of sites that are no longer required by network operators to their lessors. With extensive experience in this field, Lemcon has successfully facilitated the return of hundreds of old telecom sites in both rural and urban areas.

Building Restoration

When it comes to rooftop and in-building sites, Lemcon ensures a comprehensive restoration of the original structure. This meticulous process involves restoring the site to its original state, leaving no trace of the telecom equipment and infrastructure that once occupied the location. Lemcon’s expertise guarantees that the lessor receives the site in its original condition, ready for alternative uses or future leasing.

Tower Removal

For tower sites, Lemcon undertakes the dismantling of the tower and proceeds with the recovery of the site. This entails the removal of all facilities and structures that were specifically erected to accommodate the telecom site. By effectively dismantling and removing these structures, Lemcon ensures that the site is returned to its original state, free from any remnants of the telecom infrastructure.


Lemcon works in more than 80 provinces in the Philippines providing excellent service.




Lemcon uniquely offers site clean-up for contamination as a result of diesel spillage. This common damage means that a site is neither environmentally acceptable or safe. Lemcon offers a service on a site by site basis that returns the site to safe service.


As part of our commitment to a greener Philippines, Lemcon places great importance on recycling and refurbishment. We strive to be a responsible partner for disposal, ensuring that equipment and materials are recycled or disposed of in compliance with national standards. Our dedication to environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our operations, contributing to a cleaner and healthier future.

Competence & Experience

Lemcon Philippines Inc. has provided equipment pull-out services in the Philippines since 2012,
recovering equipment from more than 9,000 locations nationwide.

Lemcon has pulled out Microwave and Mobile Access Equipment and dismantled BSC and MSC all over the Philippines.

Lemcon has special competence and experience in complete removal of sites from greenfield and rooftop locations and successfully removing hundreds of sites from a mobile network.